Future Features
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Future Features

Counterparty And Protocol Discovery (CAPD) Service

A transient decentralized anonymous content-addressable messaging service that allows participants to to discover transaction partners and execute protocols with them. Proof of work is used to discourage spam.


Large scripts


Script libraries (via groups)


Object Property Commitments

Relay objects across the network in a manner that discovers and rejects underfee transactions (see relevant doc for details).

Transaction format changes

Add prevout amount (how many satoshis an input is bringing into a transaction) in the transaction input. If it is the wrong amount, the transaction will not confirm.

This helps entities using transactions (for example who need to fund a tx), it helps prevent accidental fee overpay, and it will help a transition to a hybrid account/utxo model.

Sighash algorithm expansion:

SIGHASH_0THRU: signs all outputs from 0 to N (exclusive to SIGHASH_ALL and SINGLE)
SIGHASH_OFFSET: indicates an extra byte to the sighash (preceding it since sighash is at the end). This byte is interpreted as a signed 8-bit integer. To get N add this byte to the input index. (exclusive to SIGHASH_ALL)

New modes:
SIGHASH_SINGLE and SIGHASH_OFFSET: output[input index + N] is signed. Without SIGHASH_OFFSET current behavior is output[input index] is signed.

SIGHASH_0THRU: as described above

SIGHASH_0THRU and SIGHASH_OFFSET: outputs[0…input index + N] are signed. If input index + N < 0 reject.

Note that it may also be possible to implement this functionality with tx introspection and checkdatasig.

Miner fee policy commitment in blocks


Reuse block hash leading 0 bits

As block height: (POWALG(block) & ~(0xffffffff << 256-4) < difficulty target) && (POWALG(block) >> 256-4) == height)