Scalability for the digital economy of the future

Developed by the same world renowned blockchain developers who brought you Bitcoin Unlimited, Nexa exists to enable new frontiers of financial freedom and sovereignty. Discover what Nexa can do for you.

Scalability and Utility at your fingertips

Store of Value

Nexa is composed of identical tokenomics to Bitcoin, including halving events which occur every 1,050,000 blocks, Nexa offers stability and reliability. Explore the endless possibilities with Nexa today.

Global capacity

With a unique PoW (Proof-of-Work) algorithm, Nexa will scale to over 10 billion transactions per day. That’s enough capacity for the whole planet; no bounds. No high fees. No waiting around for your transaction to be secured. Leveraging cutting-edge technology, Nexa addresses bandwidth, storage, and the computation speed of nodes, ensuring seamless operation.

Native Tokens

Tokens are a proven, market-validated use case for cryptocurrency, delivering substantial value and fostering network effects, and serving many purposes from asset representation to utility and interoperability. Nexa seamlessly integrates token functionality without reliance on specialized smart contracts or token standards such as ERC-20. However, should your token require the enhanced capabilities of smart contracts, Nexa provides that flexibility as well.

Smart Contracts

Nexa uses an ultra-scalable smart-contract system which enables practically everything possible without the major scaling bottlenecks suffered by turing-complete networks.

Proof of Work

Nexa's PoW (Proof-of-Work) algorithm is currently engineered for a 2-minute block time, using the enormous scaling capabilities of mining incentives. This enables the development of new hardware that nodes can employ to expedite transaction validation, achieving speeds unmatched by any other UTXO-based blockchain.

Send Instantly

Thanks to the network's miner rules, transactions flow seamlessly across the network, providing sufficient security for designated transactions. Nexa is poised to introduce a revolutionary technology enabling instant, trustless transactions of any magnitude. Users will soon have the flexibility to opt for immediate crediting of their payments.

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Global Capacity for All

Our mission is to provide enough capacity for every single person on the planet to experience and provide true, revolutionary value. Ownership. Trust. Transparency. Equity. This is why scaling plays such a pivotal role in Nexa’s strategy.