Get paid directly from the protocol and help secure Nexa

Nexa operates on the most battle-tested system of blockchain security, Proof-of-work. Anyone can join the network and be paid in NEXA to provide security to the network.

How to Mine Nexa

Nexa is currently GPU (AMD/NVIDIA) mined via third-party mining software. Nexa was launched on June 21st, 2022 and was initially mined via open-source CPU mining software provided by the Nexa team. CPU mining continued until late November 2022 until GPUs began to come on the network.

Mining Algorithm

Nexa utilizes a unique algorithm ”Nexapow” that will allow the chain to scale to global capacity. Instead of just using computing power to provide consensus like traditional blockchains with Proof-of-work, the Nexa algorithm contributes computing power to remove two key bottlenecks in scalability: Signature signing and UXTO lookups. Currently Nexapow consists of SHA-256 hashing with Schnorr signatures, and will be later be upgraded to include UTXO lookups.

Mining Rewards

Nexa has a similar monetary policy and block reward structure as Bitcoin, which has mining rewards halving every ~4 years. The currently block reward is 10 million Nexa per block. Each block occurs every ~2 minutes, for a total of ~720 blocks per day (7.2B Nexa Emitted Daily). Max Supply of Nexa is 21T which will be reached in ~140 years.

Do not mine to any exchanges. Any mining to exchange wallets risk loss of funds. Please create a full-node-qt wallet here: ( or use an address from your existing wallet

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